Teviot Technology Inc.

Anna Rowley

Technology executive with an extensive track record in electronics, firmware and software development, production, business development, strategic planning and marketing, in the automotive, medical, aerospace, educational, IoT, and telecom fields. I have formed and led new companies and engineering departments, managing technology development programs and projects from initial concept right through to production. I have increased operational efficiencies through initiating and establishing new processes, tools and training. I am a creative thinker who relishes finding new approaches to solving problems. A positive, motivating leadership style, establishing effective working relationships with my peers, while building strong rapport with my external and internal customers, have all been key contributing factors toward my career successes.

Electric Vehicle Power Systems

Electric Vehicle Power Systems

Whether you’re wealthy enough to drive Lotus’ $2M, 2000hp all-electric sports car or you’re more interested in driving a “family EV”, where the range is more important to you than going from 0 to 186mph in under 9 seconds, as with the Lotus; or even interested in the Canadian-designed Daymak’s Spiritus, a sporty three-wheeler, with …

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