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Medical Carts and Battery Pack

Medical Carts and their Battery Pack Requirements

Anyone who has stayed in a hospital or has worked there would have realized that medical carts are one of the most important types of equipment that modern hospitals and clinics rely on.

Medical carts have become an essential part of the hospital and clinical equipment, not just because of convenience for the staff, but also as an efficient way to care for patients.

There are several different types of medical carts, and they all have their own important individual roles. Some are used for carrying tools needed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, while some are used for carrying infusion pumps. There are additionally others that are stationed in isolation rooms and operating theatres.  There are also some that carry computer terminals, accessing each patient’s medical information. Mobile X-Ray units may also be considered as a form of the medical cart, in which the batteries provide power for both the X-Ray gun and propulsion motors, as well as general backup.

Whatever the purpose, they all need to have safe and reliable battery packs.

Teviot Technology Inc is engaged in manufacturing fully safety-certified lithium battery packs for medical applications. Teviot’s U1 size 12.8V 42Ah 538Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) is a safe battery pack, suitable for most medical cart applications. Teviot also performs custom design and manufacture of lithium battery packs for all your special equipment and mobility needs.