Teviot Technology Inc.

Why Us

Why Teviot

Teviot Technology stays current with all the latest battery technology developments. Teviot understands all safety concerns regarding use of lithium batteries,  and solves them by using a “Smart Battery Management System” which deals with the complexities of using and maintaining safety of lithium batteries, with additional ease of use for the operator.
Our team can customise based on your requirement specifications,  including cell chemistry, hardware,  firmware and enclosure. Cell options are  NMC, LFP or LTO. Teviot Technology is focused on meeting all relevant product safety standards, such as UL and IEC compliance for batteries to be used in eVehicles. Our products come fully safety approved, all at an affordable price.
Teviot’s hardware supports SPI, CAN, SMBus, I2C, WiFi and Bluetooth.  Safety thresholds for voltage, current and temperature, along with communication protocols, can be customised, as needed.  Enclosures can also be customised to your requirements.

Our software meets “Misra” and “AutoSar” standards and our agile development processes provide flexibility for customising to your requirements.

Teviot Technology’s no-quibble guarantee is to meet our published data sheet specifications for up to 3 years.