Teviot Technology Inc.

Customized Battery Solutions

Typical industry-standard Lithium batteries don’t suit your application? Contact Teviot Technology on 1 416 606 7642 and “we can do it!”

There are many ways to skin the proverbial cat and we can therefore talk about optimum solutions.  

Whether that be in terms of form factor, functional performance for the BMS, or avoiding costs with hidden “gotchas”

Define as far as you can the system performance, with the battery pack as an intelligent subsystem, working in conjunction with the master requirements; and we will be able to find you a more suitable wholistic solution.

The most usual customization is in form factor, and typical “gotchas” are the probable need for special tooling which is costly and can have a direct impact on UN38.3. Once done and qualified to UN38.3, any significant changes will be very costly. However, Teviot can design the pack and produce a 3D print (in-house) before procuring tooling. We would also design the BMS Circuit Board at the same time, ensuring perfect mechanical integration with the pack.

Many modern battery systems utilize firmware, sometimes quite complex, but essential to meet the customization and flexibility requirements of your pack. This inevitably introduces more time variability and initial costs, than the hardware alone; and is, of course, specifically designed to work with the hardware.

So, the ideal customized pack will come very close, physics and cost allowing, to the overall requirements of your system.

Ken Chisholm, CEO