Teviot Technology Inc.

Medical Cart Battery Packs

Parameters Min TYP Max
Absolute Voltage (B+ to B– or P+ to P-)
Operating Temperature Charge:
Operating Temperature Discharge:
Storage Temperature (short term <3months)
Pack Empty, Average and Full
Max cont. discharge
Max cont. charge 0.5C
Fuel Gauge calibrated accuracy
Fuel Gauge LED display res
SMBus Rev1.1 comms protocol
RJ45 comms connect
Weight: 12lbs
Dimensions: L 7.68" W 5.12" H 7.28"

NOTE: All the operating parameters are controlled at the cell level and system level for over and under range with applied hysteresis: For example Max. discharge current is rated at 20A but will trip if exceeds 21.5A to 22.5A for 5 seconds, cell overvoltage, undervoltage and temperature are included-all these parameter ranges are programmable.

Data Sheet 12.8V-42Ah-SP Rev1

Cell Type: LiFePO4 Cell Connection: 4S1P

Theory of operation

Connect the –ve terminal then the +ve terminal and torqued. If SMBus communication required, connect to the RJ45- wiring pin outs will be provided on Rev2 datasheet.

Press the SOC (State of Charge) button and check status. If being used with Triplite or Power Var Chargers, charging will be automatic.

If the primary supply fails, the battery will take over. It is a seamless transaction. This battery is a critical part of the UPS.

Model 12.8V-42Ah-GP has an external charge port, so it can be used as a stand-alone battery, for example for a boat trolling motor, scooter etc.

Set the charging voltage at 14.4 V with <10A current.

Safety Approvals

UN38.3 UN Transportation

Cells UL1642 & IEC62133

IP 65