About Us

Teviot Technology Inc., is a new company under the direction of Ken Chisholm CEO/CTO – a highly experienced engineer who has been responsible for the technical and commercialisation of literally hundreds of BMS ranging from simple to highly complex designs’ including many battery packs. Such as shown and described on  “Packs page” a 12V100AH dual redundant pack in a custom case. Offering seamless switching via ideal diodes.

Teviot Technology Inc., team comprises several highly skilled consultants in the field of analog hardware and firmware using “C”. Communications protocols to name a few CAN, I²C ,SMBUS and BlueTooth /Wifi , even GSM at an affordable price

Communications is certainly important both within the larger packs and externally to host and cloud to store and analyse. Mobility designs are trending towards safer designs such as ASIL and also compliant with UL batteries for moving vehicles. 

We partner with two selected pack builders who are ISO 2002:2015 and ISO1345 [medical] approved. We provide full process and test protocols  and regularly carry out audits of both pack assembler & BMS builder/supplier

WHY Teviot Technology? We are well financed and here to stay. You will receive exemplary service with good robust and reliable product at reasonable cost- “simple for that”